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Creating account on different instances and the effects.
tl:dr at the end. I am one of the many people that were active in Reddit but I am also one of the ones that is going to delete their Reddit account on the 12th of June and move to Lemmy(Fediverse) full time. I have encountered a specific issue though which I am not sure how to solve. I wanted to create the equivalent community of `/r/greece` here, but I can see that the `/c/greece` is already existent but moderated by a user that is now banned, so that community is in limbo. People recommended 2 things: 1. Request the community in [!community_requests@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/community_requests) 2. Create a new `/c/greece` community in another instance. I have encountered an issue with both of these solutions. For the 1st solution, I created a request post 2 days ago which went unanswered(either accepted/declined) while other posts after and before mine, have been answered/resolved. I can understand there has been an increase in users and Dessalines can't administrate/moderate everything on their own but I can see that there are multiple Admins in lemmy.ml and I believe they should be doing something or step down and appoint other people there that want to do it. I have since, recreated the same request post in hopes that I can get the community and bring it to fruition. For the 2nd solution, I had created the `/c/greece` community in @lemmy.world but the problem is, that by going there I cannot find any community using the search functionality. I have 2 windows open, one logged into lemmy.ml and one in lemmy.world and when searching the same term, lemmy.world brings massively fewer results for communities so even if I wanted to use my account on lemmy.world I would have to use another instance to even ***FIND*** new communities. I am not sure why the reduced number of results but I guess there is an admin setting there that allows for federation with fewer instances. TL:DR Why is the searching for communities so vastly different between instances and how can users overcome it to discover new communities?