Creating account on different instances and the effects.
tl:dr at the end. I am one of the many people that were active in Reddit but I am also one of the ones that is going to delete their Reddit account on the 12th of June and move to Lemmy(Fediverse) full time. I have encountered a specific issue though which I am not sure how to solve. I wanted to create the equivalent community of `/r/greece` here, but I can see that the `/c/greece` is already existent but moderated by a user that is now banned, so that community is in limbo. People recommended 2 things: 1. Request the community in [!]( 2. Create a new `/c/greece` community in another instance. I have encountered an issue with both of these solutions. For the 1st solution, I created a request post 2 days ago which went unanswered(either accepted/declined) while other posts after and before mine, have been answered/resolved. I can understand there has been an increase in users and Dessalines can't administrate/moderate everything on their own but I can see that there are multiple Admins in and I believe they should be doing something or step down and appoint other people there that want to do it. I have since, recreated the same request post in hopes that I can get the community and bring it to fruition. For the 2nd solution, I had created the `/c/greece` community in but the problem is, that by going there I cannot find any community using the search functionality. I have 2 windows open, one logged into and one in and when searching the same term, brings massively fewer results for communities so even if I wanted to use my account on I would have to use another instance to even ***FIND*** new communities. I am not sure why the reduced number of results but I guess there is an admin setting there that allows for federation with fewer instances. TL:DR Why is the searching for communities so vastly different between instances and how can users overcome it to discover new communities?

ELI5: How does Lemmy operate?
Would be helpful for most new users to understand how Lemmy works and how the different hosts interact with each other in a basic way.

Hosting an instance, can I redirect uploads to another service to save space on my instance?
Bandwidth is the issue, and server space. I wonder, can Lemmy servers be setup where say, someone runs an ass appreciation server. That server, when people post, sends the image to redgifs? Then the server space issue is mute and porn, erotic art, video memes, etc can thrive.

As a new lemmy user I’ve got some question?
1. When I use the do I need to register a new account for example, and other server? 2. From this video he said that I can see other communities from "all" so that includes like and more? 3. What are some tips that I should know to enjoy lemmy? edit* how do you turn off the lemmy notifications. It covers my screen.

Does any one know a way to quantify the growth of lemmy/ the fediverse?
It would be an interesting shot across the bow to corporate controlled social media to show opensource, open access social medias growth. I'm sure its in an exponential phase. It also would seem important to the community to know. Is there a way to query across the fediverse to look at user numbers?

Federated profile/configuration possible?
I am a reddit refugee just discovering lemmy and exploring for the first time. However one thing I noticed quickly was the stress instance are experiencing. With the great reddit exodus and the influx of new users onto lemmy instances that may not be prepared. Is there a way to deal with instances going offline (even if just temporarly) but still accessing a single profile, subscription list, configuration, possibly even inbox contents? Perhaps there is a third party tool that can be self hosted to keep multiple profiles on different instances in sync?

What bots would you like to see on Lemmy?
Hi, I'm learing python and I was thinking about createing Lemmy bot.

How do you tackle a sudoku puzzle?
When you first crack open a new sudoku puzzle, do you look at the rows or columns first? Or do you work in blocks? What's your strategy?

Wireless cameras that don’t spy on you like Ring?
I rent so I cannot set up a wired system. I need two of them and preferably they'd be okay in severe weather. Thunderstorms are common in spring / autumn as is severe weather including tornadoes. In fact my house nearly got hit by one two months ago. Fun times. Summers are hot and sometimes humid. Currently 90s. Triple digits probably late this month or next. We don't typically get snow in the winter but it can get cold. Reached zero degrees last December. Supposed to be "rare" but climate is changing and whatnot. Would prefer to keep it under $300 for both cameras but I'm willing to bump it up a little for better quality if necessary.

Uptime Monitoring of Lemmy Instances?
I'd really like to find a website that displays the percent uptime for each of the lemmy instances in the Fediverse. Does one already exist? If one doesn't yet exist, I'm considering making one. In that case, does anyone have any recommended very-simple linux tools for this? I've used `mon` before, but I don't think it records previous failures and calculates uptime. If I do make it myself, it needs to run on Linux and I want something extremely lightweight (ie not nagios, checkmk, etc)

Why is porn not allowed on this site
Excuse my ignorance im just curious.

Because the sheer quantity of comments in comparison to the tiny amount of users and subs is nuts, each user would have been required to do ~250 minimum comments each if my hair brained maths is correct, a ratio which far exceeds any other community here by miles, or am I just missing some key context here? I genuinely have no idea, it could go either way but I'm leaning towards bots due to just how relatively colossal those numbers are.

How has ur lemmy experience been so far?
Im joining in on the reddit ditching thing, and was kinda worried at first that i wouldnt be able to like use it the way i did reddit as it feels like a whole new place, but after engaging with posts and people and actually being a part of lemmy rather than being lurk mode all the time i was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to become a member of the community, theres a reasonable amount of subs (or whatever the other word for em is) that fit my interests, enough linux content and shitposting for my liking, and the overall random posts made by people equally fed up with Leddit. (also i admit i used reddit a little cus there was this post on the fedora sub showing how to fix a sound issue i been having after a recent update)

How do we deal with similar communities on different Lemmy instances?
Say what you will about reddit, at least an established subreddit was *the* place to gather on the topic, ie r/technology etc. With Lemmy, doesn't it follow that similar communities on different instances will simply dilute the userbase, for example ! and ! How do we best use lemmy as a (small c) community when a topic can be split amongst many (large C) Communities? This is an earnest question, in no way am I suggesting lemmy is inferior to reddit. I'm quite enjoying myself here.

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